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Make these 10x10 Challenge Meditations a permanent part of your collection, so you can meditate on your own schedule.


Bonus #1 - Rise & Shine Meditation (*not available  anywhere else)

Bonus #2 - *Brand New* Deep Sleep Meditation ($29.97)

Bonus #3 - Wheel of Awareness, a 22 minute practice ($29.97)

Bonus #4: Three 5 minute meditations including Self Compassion, Let Stress Melt Away and Tapping Into Joy ($29.97)

This simple download makes it easy to meditate on your own schedule.

You can listen anytime, anywhere on multiple devices including your iPhone/Android smartphone, tablet or laptop via an internet connection.

No WiFi? No problem. Download the meditations to your device and listen without an internet connection. 


What People Are Saying About the 10x10 MeditationS

I’m really liking the 10x10 meditations. Thank you so much for doing this!
LOVED this! Lisa has the most calming energy. I just feel like everything will be ok when I hear her voice.
Lisa’s deep sleep meditation was amazing! I slept really well last night and even though she said to try to stay awake, I passed right out while listening.
I feels great that I could do 10 minutes and it seemed effortless. Thanks so much!
You make it so easy. Thank you!
Really enjoyed getting back into meditation, heavenly 10 minutes!

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