Self Compassion Meditation

This meditation has been enjoyed over 550,000 times around the globe 😊

The meditation is just what I needed to get through this day.
— Pamela
Calming and beautiful voice.
— Natalie
This reminds me that if I continue to beat myself up all the time, I lose sight of all the goodness I have to offer. ❤️
— Maureen
I didn’t know I could get centered that fast! Thank you.
— Sonya
I needed this because I’ve been very critical of myself. It’s comforting to know it’s okay to give myself space to mess up and try again.
— Corey
Very nice! I tend to beat myself up over either perfectionism or procrastination and this was a really nice respite from judging myself this afternoon. Thank you!
— Sheri
Great! I was getting aggravated with little things going wrong this morning at work. I took this little break and now feel much better. Thank you!
— Lisa
Just what I needed and probably could use every day!
— Crystal