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30 Day Meditations + 3 Exclusive Bonuses
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Make these 30 Day Challenge Meditation audios a permanent part of your collection, so you can meditate on your own schedule.


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Bonus #1 - Deeper Sleep Guided Meditation ($29.97)


Bonus #2 - Manifesting Your Desires ($9.97)


Bonus #3 - Calming Your Monkey Mind ($9.97)

This simple download makes it easy to meditate on your own schedule with a complete set of 32 different five minute guided meditations. 

You can listen anytime, anywhere on multiple devices including your iPhone/Android smartphone, tablet or laptop via an internet connection.

No WiFi? No problem. Download the meditations to your device and listen without an internet connection. 

This comprehensive set includes...

  • All 30 Day Guided Meditations
  • Bonus #1: Deeper Sleep Meditation ($29.97)
  • Bonus #2: Manifesting Your Desires ($9.97)
  • Bonus #3:  Calming Your Monkey Mind ($9.97)

What People Are Saying About the 30 Day MeditationS

I feel wonderful after completing this. Thanks!
— Karen
Amazing to feel the difference five minutes of meditation had on the rest of my day. Thank you.
— Sophia
That was so good, it was so relaxing, Lisa has a very calming voice.
— Yvonne
I love this and helps me get back to meditating daily like I have always wanted. We all have the time but do we always make it?
— Alex
You make it so easy. Thank you!
— Beverly
Fantastic! This was a wonderful way to begin my day, thank you!
— Keren

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30 Day Meditations + 3 Exclusive Bonuses
99.97 149.97
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