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Do you struggle with feeling overwhelmed? Are the demands on your time and attention greater than ever? Do you feel pulled in too many directions? Do you sometimes second guess yourself and your abilities? Do you care more than you’d like about what others think? Are you burning out? Do you sometimes feel like you’re not good enough?

Resilient AF is for you if you’re…

#1: Working to solve a really big and painful problem

Things might feel difficult and challenging for you right now. Things might feel tougher than normal. Maybe you’re overwhelmed and feeling burned out. (If you’re having trouble functioning and experiencing severe distress, please reach out to a healthcare professional. You are not alone and professional treatment can help.)

Or maybe you’re exhausted from going non-stop and taking care of those around you. Or maybe you’ve gotten knocked off your game by an unexpected setback. Or maybe that spark of joy has been missing in your life and the “Sunday scaries” are arriving on Saturday. And as you wonder “is this REALLY all there is to life?” a quiet voice inside whispers that you’re meant for something more.

I know the feeling and I’ve been there. And it’s so tough. Resilient AF can help you get unstuck and feel calmer and more confident. You’ll start feeling like you’re making an impact again and being more intentional with your time. Instead of waking up each day feeling behind, you’ll start to wake up thinking “Wow. I’m so proud of where I am and all that I’ve accomplished.”

You’ll begin to make meaningful progress towards your goals. And stop doubting yourself and your abilities, so you can be more present and able to bring your best self to everyday moments. As you learn proven hacks to increase your mental resilience, the quality of your interactions will improve, helping you feel more deeply connected to your loved ones. So if you’re ready to take charge and get unstuck now, Resilient AF is for you.

Resilient AF is also for you if you’re…

#2: Working on something exciting, but outside your comfort zone

It might be an exciting new role at work, building your company, growing your family, transforming your wellbeing or getting that important (but not urgent) side project off the ground. Whatever your goal entails, I know that it’s exciting for you but also hard to put yourself out there. With your Resilient AF mindset in place, you’ll be ready to jump in and give yourself the best shot at success.

As a working mom of three kiddos, Resilient AF has taught me powerful mental hacks that are always effective when I start feeling overwhelmed.
— Lauren

your future self will thank you


1. Register for Resilient AF


2. increase your mental resiliency through proven hacks in one to two hours per week

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3. Become Resilient AF

100% worth it! I constantly refer back to what I learned in the course.
— Paige
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Lisa is an executive coach, mindfulness teacher, best selling author and mom of two girls.

She’s helped more than 3,500 people increase their mental resiliency though her online programs and has shared her insights at TEDx, Google, Microsoft, Cisco, The Stanford Graduate School of Business and in Forbes, NPR, Health, Fast Company, and more.

Lisa has delivered over 7.6 million minutes of calm around the globe through her guided mindfulness meditations.


Having overcome a major life setback, she understands how overwhelming life can sometimes feel and how you need more than positive thinking to get through life’s challenges. She also knows how hard it is to feel like you’re falling short, how draining it is to measure yourself against impossible standards, and how awful being on the edge of burnout feels.

Resilient AF is the clear path forward, so you can feel calmer, more confident and better prepared for whatever life throws your way. Because you deserve to feel unburdened by self-doubt so you can be more intentional with your time, make a bigger impact, and share your gifts with the world.

During my maternity leave last year, I was at a major professional crossroads. Resilient AF helped me get clear on what fuels me, gave me the confidence to trust my gut feeling, and pushed me to take the next critical steps towards my goal.
— Christine

What makes Resilient AF so different?

The powerful Resilient AF framework is concise and effective and can be completed in one to two hours per week over the course of six weeks. The course was developed with busy professionals like you in mind, so you can always complete the course on demand and at your leisure if you desire more time.

100% of graduates of Resilient AF said they felt more resilient after completing the course. And more than 3,500 people have increased their mental resiliency through Lisa’s online programs, so you’re in good hands.

I highly recommend this course! I learned how to overcome self-doubt, be more courageous and not be so hard on myself all the time.
— Sheryl

Resilient AF is one part…

1. Netflix

On your schedule, on demand and can viewed in the comfort of your own home.


2. Marie Kondo for your mind

Unclutter your mind, and get rid of thoughts and beliefs that don’t spark joy.


3. liquid courage without the hangover

A reliable and non-toxic source for powering up your confidence.

What’s it worth?

How much is self-doubt costing you? How is it keeping you from sharing your gifts with the world? How is that feeling of being overwhelmed stopping you from feeling good about your successes? Do you feel stressed before bed, worrying about everything you haven’t checked off your to do list? Or have you felt or are you feeling any of the effects of chronic stress - migraines, weight gain, stomach issues, lack of quality sleep, relationship issues and clinical burnout?

It’s time to stop feeling so frustrated and stuck. It’s time to stop wasting time and money on ineffective stress reduction techniques only to end up even more exhausted and depleted at the end of each day. You deserve better and stress and self-doubt might already be costing you a great deal.

This is an excellent course. It is wonderfully concise and jam-packed with insights.
— G. M.

What you’ll get…

  • 1 license to the Resilient AF Online program

  • 24/7 access to Lisa’s most popular meditations

  • A surprise graduation gift of Resilient AF goodies to keep you inspired throughout 2020 and beyond

  • That good feeling from knowing that a portion of proceeds will go to amazing non-profits supporting women and moms including, Women for Women International, 2020 Mom, Return to Zero: H.O.P.E. and the El Camino Hospital MOMS program.

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While I expect you to get a massive return on your investment, you can return Resilient AF for a full refund within 14 days of your purchase. No questions asked.

Powerful and transformative. Thank you!
— Kristin

Resilient AF is no longer available for purchase - please reach out to Lisa at the following address to get on the waitlist for next year.

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