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Sharing your story gave me hope. Sharing the skills you learned along the way made me resilient af.jpg

I’m finally ready to come out of my cocoon and share something BIG.

After months of planning and years of “doing the work” I’m finally ready to share my newest creation with you that’s all about becoming #ResilientAF.

(since someone asked... Resilient AF means Ridiculously, Incredibly Resilient 😉)

I’ve poured my heart into this course and have personally walked the walk and used all of these tools to bounce back after hitting my own version of rock bottom five years ago.

Imagine losing everything that defines you. Everything your self-worth is based on is gone.

Could you come back from that?

I’m here to tell you that YOU CAN.

But more than just telling you that you can…

I’m also going to share the exact steps I used to rebuild my confidence, reset and become even stronger along the way.

As some of you might know, five years ago, I lost more than my job, dignity and self-worth … I lost my sanity.

About a month after the birth of my first daughter, I began suffering from a rare variant of postpartum depression that in addition to crippling depression comes with a side of psychosis. This happens due to sleep deprivation, stress and the rapidly changing brain chemistry in the weeks after giving birth.

So instead of snuggling with my beautiful newborn daughter, I spent several weeks hallucinating that police helicopters were swarming my house, hunting me down for a crime I did not commit.

No bueno.

And it got worse from there, at some point I told my family it would be better for everyone if I just jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge...and that landed me in a psychiatric hospital for 10 days.

(my TEDx Talk shares more of my story if you’re curious.)

I had gone from teaching workshops at the likes of Google, Salesforce and Microsoft on mindfulness and wellbeing...

to being a mindfulness teacher who had lost her mind.

When I was finally released from the psych ward, I was certain that this would be a secret I’d take to the grave.

Saying I was embarrassed about what happened doesn’t come close to describing the feeling, it was more like a thick fog of shame.

I thought I was the world’s worst mother and I felt ashamed, and worried that everyone that had known me as a confident, capable, savvy person would secretly question whether I was still all there.

Would people trust my advice? Would my family even trust me watching my daughter? Could I trust myself?

After a few tough weeks full of self-pity, I realized suddenly: NO, I would not let that happen.

No more asking why did this happen, why me? No more self-blame.

This would not be a dark secret I kept hidden, I needed to find a way to turn this into something good.

I was determined to pull myself back up and come back stronger than I was before, but the path forward was unclear.

I told myself I’d figure out how to help myself and other people and turn this mishap into a triumph.

And I did. Over a series of months I recovered.

In my new course, I share the strategies I learned the HARD WAY – specifically around how to create a resilient mindset so you can squash self-doubt and become stronger, more courageous, and even more joyful on the journey that is life.

So whether you've experienced burnout, a major life or professional change, temporary setback or just feel like you've lost your mojo, this course is for you.

Lisa's Resilient AF Course

So if you’re interested in being a part of this Resilient AF course (which I hope you are!), sign up today.

I’d be honored to have you join my class.