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Learn how to become Resilient AF after experiencing burnout, a major life change or temporary setback to come back stronger than ever

Lisa's Resilient AF Course
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This course was amazing. Thank you so much!
— Kat

Course INcludes:

- 6 on-demand lessons taught by Lisa Abramson (created for efficiency - these are direct and powerful)

- Supportive guided audio meditations to enhance neuroplasticity and positive change

- Class workbook full of exercises to support you along the journey

- BONUS: One 60 minute one-on-one coaching call with Lisa ($500 value)

I loved the direct, straightforward exercises. Easy to remember and apply throughout my day.
— Jo

At the end of this course, you will:

1) Learn new and unique hacks for overcoming self-doubt and building courage

2) S.O.S. techniques to reset when you’re feeling overwhelmed/anxious

3) Gain clarity, connect with your why and develop a roadmap to keep you afloat when things are tough

4) Understand how to transform the beliefs that are holding you back

5) Cement your resilient mindset through Self-Compassion, Pick 6, NOWW, “pulling the weeds” and other proven techniques

6) Learn how to celebrate wins and savor what’s good so you can experience more joy

This course helped me feel more peaceful.
— Analee

Course Schedule: 

-  I recommend completing the course in 6 weeks for optimal results, but the course is on demand so you can listen at your own pace.

Taking time to upgrade your mindset is the most efficient investment you can make because it impacts everything else you do.

Very inspiring! Easily worth the price.
— Laura


Having overcome a major setback that stole her confidence and self-worth, she knows a few things about being #ResilientAF and is excited to share them with you for the first time ever in this course.

More formally, she is an executive coach, mindfulness teacher, best-selling author and TEDx speaker. She’s led engaging workshops on resilience, mindfulness and creating sustainable success at organizations like Salesforce, Microsoft, Cisco and The Stanford Graduate School of Business. Her meditations have been streamed over 750,000 times around the globe.

This is an excellent course. It is wonderfully concise and jam-packed with insights.
— G. M.

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Lisa's Resilient AF Course
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Since someone asked... Resilient AF means Ridiculously, Incredibly Resilient 😉

I highly recommend this course! I learned how to overcome self-doubt, be more courageous and not be so hard on myself all the time.
— Sheryl
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Once you tap into your Resilient AF mindset, it's yours to keep forever.

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I (Lisa) stand fully behind this course. If you are unhappy for ANY reason within the first 14 days you will get a full refund, no questions asked.

The course has allowed me to refocus and recenter myself. Thank you!
— K
Lisa's Resilient AF Course
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